ON BLUEBERRY HILL Profiles: Set & Costume Designer Sabine Dargent

Designing for On Blueberry Hill, by Sabine Dargent


Set and costumes

The set of “On Blueberry Hill” is made of two elements which are pulling each other:

– First of all, central, over-dimensioned is the bunkbed, intimate space of death and love. The reality of jail.

– Then, as if echoing forever the words coming from the bed, an infinity of papers losing themselves in darkness. Such as a forest of words, of memories, of thoughts, of dreams.

The bed and the costumes are stern and very textured, with so much life inside them, but very very simple to keep the focus fully on the actors’ bodies and faces, on their words. To zoom in on it.

The forest of papers is made of semi translucent papers, some yellow, some grey. They are floating between earth and heaven, transforming constantly, merging together, as reflection on the text, as a meeting of two worlds.

I felt I had to honour the text, a first production, a new text. It is quite a privilege. Doing it with the same creative team as “The Pride of Parnell Street” was a pleasure!


Initial sketch of the set


Model of the set


David Ganly and Niall Buggy in On Blueberry Hill, Photograph by Patrick Redmond


Final production shot of the set, photograph by Patrick Redmond


ON BLUEBERRY HILL runs until Sunday 8th October at Pavilion Theatre as part of Dublin Theatre Festival.

Tickets available: http://www.paviliontheatre.ie/events/view/on-blueberry-hill

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