Literary Internship with Fishamble: Devan Chee-A-Tow

Upon being placed in an internship, one is told many euphemistic things in terms of managing one’s expectations–to expect that one may not always be given work to complete at any given moment or to expect that one’s work may not always be meaningful etc.  However, working as the literary assistant at Fishamble has been a stroke of luck in that I haven’t really been faced with any of those things, for not only has this been a busy job, but I’ve also been given a unique window into Irish culture that has provided deep insight I’m not sure I would have acquired otherwise.  Having arrived to Ireland with a pretty embarrassingly bare understanding of their culture and history, I’ve found that it has been such a rewarding experience to learn about the country from the artistic representations and narratives cultivated by the Irish people themselves. Coming from the American bubble wherein Hollywood representations dominate the media space, I’ve been reminded of the importance of understanding a culture from the perspective of its own people.
I find Fishamble’s commitment to providing an outlet for unproduced plays, by known and unknown playwrights alike, very refreshing. I am so impressed by the engagement of its employees who have taught me a great deal, ranging from how to fold a letter (properly) to understanding that curiosity in all aspects of human nature is most vital to an artist in the business of storytelling. I am particularly inspired by my supervisor, Gavin Kostick, who was committed to going through every play with me and with each discussion manifested a seemingly boundless grasp of the arts and the world as a whole. Aside from the employees at Fishamble, I feel as though I’ve also become acquainted with numerous playwrights just by reading their work, learning of their interests and passions through the narratives they feel most fervent about communicating. I may have arrived to Fishamble’s offices with somewhat unclear expectations, but I can now confidently assert that my experience here has been an education I’ve yet to find in any classroom.

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