New Play Clinic

New Play Clinic 2017-2018

Fishamble: The New Play Company is pleased to announce the launch of the New Play Clinic: 2017-18, an ongoing initiative to support the dramaturgical development of new plays for production in Ireland.

Do you have a new dramatic work lined up for production in 2017-18? Would you like help and support in developing your script before rehearsal? The New Play Clinic has supported dozens of new productions for Irish audiences and offers a flexible and focused package for each project. The New Play Clinic also offers payment for professional artists for the development period.

The New Play Clinic 2017-18 is supported by the Arts Council / An Chomhairle Ealaíon under the Theatre Artists Development Scheme.

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What Is On Offer?

The objective of the New Play Clinic is to help maximise the potential of new plays which are scheduled for production in Ireland through practical dramaturgical support. Fishamble seeks to work flexibly with artists in the way most suited to the development of their new work for production.

Support through the scheme is likely to include:

  • Fishamble hosting a 1-3 day workshop to aid script development.
  • Professional rates of pay for key artistic contributors (eg: writer, director, actors) for that workshop period
  • Provision of dramaturgical support.
  • If participants need to travel to Dublin or the New Play Clinic is being delivered outside Dublin, the scheme may support travel and accommodation.

The artists selected may request the input of an independent dramaturg, through discussion with Fishamble, or choose to work with Gavin Kostick (Literary Manager, Fishamble).

Similarly, the artists may provide performers connected with the project, or may seek Fishamble’s guidance in casting actors for the workshop.


  • New Play Clinic workshops/developmental work will take place in 2017-18, for works to be given a professional production in 2017-18. Dates of presentation must be scheduled at the time of application. In this instance, a ‘production’ is considered to be any professional presentation open to the general public.
  • The definition of ‘new play’ is quite broad: it can be anything from an authored script to physical dance theatre to varieties of post-dramatic work.

Who Is It For?

  • Theatre makers working as individuals on a specific project;
  • Two or more writers working together or devising in some other manner;
  • Professional performance companies that are developing new work to production;
  • Presenting organisations that are programming new works and are actively engaged with their development for production.

The New Play Clinic Is Not Intended For:

  • New plays in development for presentation outside Ireland;
  • Projects for which there is no production yet planned, or production dates confirmed;
  • Companies/organisations that already have dramaturgical/similar resources;
  • To replace rehearsal, provide non-dramaturgical support for production, or in any way to off-set costs or replace other necessary elements of the production.

How To Apply:

Interested artists/organisations who meet the above criteria can apply by submitting a statement of interest by email to with ‘New Play Clinic’ in the subject line. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are now being accepted.

This statement of interest should briefly include:

  • The nature of the project, including its current status (200 words max)
  • The timeline of development and intention for presentation, including confirmed commitments to produce (100 words max)
  • A statement on the current status of the play, with a sample of up to 8 pages of script/treatment/source material or similar attached
  • The expectation of what would be gained from engaging with Fishamble in this process, and how the New Play Clinic would best serve the artists involved (100 words max)
  • A brief biography (which may include clickable links) of the key people/organisations involved
  • A brief budget outline for the production, including a note of how much of the projected income is confirmed (small excel sheet or similar, one page max)
  • Statement of receipt of Arts Council or other funding, e.g. local authority and, if so, under which scheme.

Please keep the statement of interest clear, concise and free from jargon. Fishamble really wants to know the story of the project so far, who you are, what you’re up to and how the scheme can be of most use.

Other Things To Note

  • Previous participants of the New Play Clinic may apply again.
  • Public acknowledgement of the process is required at the production stage with the following statement: Play development has been supported by Fishamble: The New Play Company’s New Play Clinic, plus proper use of Fishamble’s New Play Clinic logo in designated areas.
  • All participants will be required to fill out feedback forms evaluating the scheme.

New Play Clinic Participants


  • Gúna Nua/Ann Blake
  • The Sin Eaters by ANU
  • Pupa by Emma Fisher
  • Punt by Honest Arts
  • AC Productions
  • All Honey by Jeda de Brí
  • I See You by Amy de Bhrún


  • Tryst by Sickle Moon Productions
  • Coast by Red Bear Productions


  • The Passengers by Polish Theatre Ireland
  • The Windstealers by Jane Madden
  • Foxy by Noelle Brown
  • Beryl and Eejit by Billie Traynor
  • The Poor Little Boy With No Arms devised by Mikel Murfi and One Duck
  • Separation by Wildebeest Theatre Company
  • Eggsistentialism by Joanne Ryan


  • Vardo by ANU
  • Thirteen by ANU
  • Tracer by Stuart Roche
  • The Colleen Bawn Trails by Joan Sheehy
  • Beetlefang produced by The Ark
  • Some Flood produced by Devious Theatre
  • Levin & Levin by Aideen Wylde – Part of the Dublin Fringe Festival 2017 
  • On City Water Hill by Philip St John


  • Postscript by Noelle Brown and Michelle Forbes
  • Fishes by David Fennelly
  • God Has No Country by Donal Courtney
  • Lambo by David Folan
  • Ciaran’s Aisling by Darren Yorke
  • Under Pressure by Rachel Fehily
  • Narf by Caitriona Daly
  • Strapped by Niamh Creely
  • Market Research This by Shaun Dunne
  • In Dog Years I’m Dead by Kate Heffernan
  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Youngish Woman by Sarah Kinlen


  • Boys of Foley Street by Anu Productions
  • Green Street by Percolate
  • The Sylvia by Philip St John
  • Clear The Air by Hugh Travers
  • Broken Promise Land by Mirjana Rendulic


  • Laundry by Anu Productions
  • Josie and Kate by Christiane O’Mahony
  • Punctured by John Morton/Devious Theatre Company
  • Beyond The Brooklyn Sky by Mick Mulcahy, directed by Peter Sheridan
  • Story/True by Megan Riordan/Making Strange Theatre Company


  • Neuropolis by Gary Duggan and Gavin Logue
  • Silent by Ray Scannell
  • Untitled Work In Progress by David Farrell
  • The Goddess of Liberty by Karen Ardiff, directed by Paul Meade
  • Starman Fisher by Deirdre Roycroft

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Fishamble: The New Play Company is supported by The Arts Council, Dublin City Council and Fundraising Fellowship Dublin . Its international touring is supported by Culture Ireland.